"Your Vote Means Everything" ~ Holly Tucker, Nominated For 2018 Entertainer of the Year, Female Vocalist of the Year

Blog Written by Erin Kirwan, Publicist for Holly Tucker Music

I still remember the first time I saw Holly Tucker perform.  I was a judge, sitting on a panel at a Texas Miss America Scholarship Pageant, in San Antonio, when out walked Holly onto the stage.  She was fairly fresh off NBC's hit reality show, The Voice and walked, boots-a-sparklin' and smiling ear to ear into an auditorium packed with fans. 

Like many of you, I had watched Season 4 of The Voice following the college student from Baylor University, who journeyed on for weeks to the final rounds of the competition.  It was then that Holly had that so-called breakthrough performance that the judges and we fans so often look for.  Do you remember?  Holly opened this particular episode of The Voice with her rendition of How Great Thou Art, at a time when mother nature had just wreaked havoc across Oklahoma.  Holly did more than just sing that evening on The Voice.  She comforted.  Her voice comforted.  Her performance moved people.  Millions of strangers.  Like the loving arms of a dear friend, Holly's performance wrapped itself around us, helping a community in crisis feel better - stronger.  It was the first time Holly won many of our hearts.  And it most certainly would not be the last. 

Today, nearly five years after having her breakthrough moment on The Voice, you and I are watching Holly Tucker in what many are calling her biggest breakthrough ever - her banner year - since first making that national debut.  

Holly Tucker is nominated for 2018 Entertainer of the Year, by the Texas Country Music Association.  As if that's not incredible enough, the 25-year-old is also nominated for Female Vocalist of the Year.  Two categories.  Two potential huge wins for the country recording artist who still calls Waco, Texas home. 

The win for Female Vocalist would be Holly's second consecutive win in the category.  2017 was Holly's first year to ever by nominated and she won.  Holly can do it again, with your support!   Want to show Holly your love?  Vote here!


Entertainer of the Year and Female Vocalist of the Year are two awards held in high regard among industry leaders, artists, and devoted country music fans.  They are likewise two awards Holly told me she would be blown away (and then some) to win! 

Following the announcement of the TCMA nominations, I had the chance to talk with Holly and feel her excitement over the nominations. I want you to feel that too!  

So here's an excerpt of our recent conversation.


Erin:  What is your reaction to being nominated for Entertainer of the Year?

Holly: Oh, this is a huge honor because I think it means I've really struck a chord, (laughs) no pun intended, with my fans! To me, this indicates that I am gaining credibility as a singer and writer, and the fans are becoming wrapped up in the entire experience of my performances.  

Erin: Same question for Female Vocalist of the Year.  If you win this one, it would be your second consecutive win in this category.  

Holly: Yes!  How amazing would that be?! Personally, this one means the world to me because most everyone knows that singing is my truest passion.  For some artists, their passion comes alive with the songwriting or the production aspect of being a country recording artist.  For me, however, there is nothing more fulfilling than when I create a special moment through the emotion of a song and the notes I choose specifically for that performance, making it unique.  It is an art form to me and where my heart feels most at home. 

Erin: What is it you love most about the TCMA?  Do you feel that it's a much-needed segment of Texas' country music scene? 

Holly: One-hundred percent.  I love that the Texas Country Music Association's mission statement is "to consistently assist, promote, and support the Texas Country Music industry in every aspect."

That's exactly what artists, many of us independent artists, need most.  We need champions - People who will get a buzz started about what we're doing and where fans can see it.  The TCMA is a relatively new organization so it is growing right along with us, the artists.  Plus, they throw one heck of an awards show!

Erin: Speaking of which - last year was your first year to be nominated.  How has winning Female Vocalist of the Year impacted your year?  

Holly: Winning 2017's Female Vocalist of the Year has been pretty life changing for me.  Until this recognition, I was still known primarily for competing on The Voice.  While that is still and will always be a part of my story as a country artist, I am proud to have the title of 2017 Female Vocalist of the Year next to my name.  It is like a big nod that what I strive to do everyday is being done well.  It hopefully compels new people - those who maybe hadn't watched The Voice - to want to listen to my music and get to know me better along the way.  I've grown quite a bit since my time on The Voice and my most current music is reflective of that.

Erin : What would you like to ask of your fans during this open voting period?  

Holly: One word - vote!  TCMA has it set up where voting is super simple.  It literally takes one minute to vote.  If you type faster than I do, which you probably do, you'll be done in thirty seconds (laughs).  The TCMA will not bug you or send you stuff.  Simply fill out your name and answer a few questions so they know you're not a robot.  And there are so many talented and deserving artists, musicians, and radio stations up for awards too, including some of my friends! One of my lead guitar players, Brendan Gilman, and one of my keyboard players, Chris Cockburn are both up for awards as well. Let's show them our love.  Voting is easy.  It's fast.  And I know each and every nominee would be so grateful.    

Erin: Thank you, Holly.


Holly will also be performing at this year's TCMA awards, to be held October 15 in Fort Worth, Texas.  To perform at an awards show such as that of the Texas Country Music Association surrounded by so many of her peers, is something that has been on Holly's bucket list.

As Holly's publicist, fan, friend, and someone who has watched Holly grace and grow on stages all over Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Louisiana and more, over the years,  I look forward to watching Holly step out onto that TCMA stage in Fort Worth, this fall.  And, I look forward to hearing Holly's name called as your choice for Entertainer of the Year and Female Vocalist of the Year. 

----->>>>>> Please join me in voting here and hit that share button, encouraging others to do the same.  Voting closes August 5.  From all of us at Team Holly, thank you.