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Holly Tucker is perhaps the one of the only female artists with 6 independent releases to her name, age and credit.

"It's About Time", Holly’s very first album at 14 years old, released in 2007 and produced by Dick Gimble, is a full-length collection of 12 songs, featuring 7 original songs written by Chris Wommack and 5 of her favorite covers. 

Holly’s second EP, “For You”, released in 2008 and produced/engineered by Sean Neff in Nashville at "The Grip", features four original songs written by Chris Wommack.

Holly released her third album, "Love Is What She Likes", in 2010 at the age of 17. This is a full-length, 12-song work featuring 4 original songs written by Holly, 4 songs written by Chris Wommack, 3 songs written by Steve Maynard, and 1 cover.

"Something To Be Said", Holly's fourth EP project, was recorded and released at Baylor University through Uproar Records. It features 3 original songs written by Holly.

"STEEL" is Holly's most current and highest-quality project to date. It was tracked and recorded in Nashville, TN at "The Grip", home studio of Jay DeMarcus of Rascal Flatts, and produced by Sean Neff. It features all original songs written by Holly, Janelle Arthur, Sammy Arriaga, Jenee Fleenor, Buddy Owens, Will Nance, Mark Narmore, Caitlyn Smith, Lucie Silvas, Jay DeMarcus, Jerry Salley, Nathan Barlowe, Terri Jo Box, Brett James, and Drew Wommack.

Holly also released a 4-song EP entitled "How Great Thou Art", due to the high demand of people wanting to hear the song they most connected with during her time on The Voice. It can only be purchased at live events and is not available digitally.

Copies of ALL SIX albums are available for sale at all events where Holly performs, and on all digital platforms: TuneCore, CDBaby, iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Spotify, YouTube, Pandora, Amazon, Rhapsody, and many more.