My Partnership With Kendra Scott

As a country music recording artist, style matters.  Every time I step out onto a stage to sing, I communicate with my audience before I even utter a single note.  I communicate with how I walk out onto the stage.  I communicate with my facial expressions.  And I communicate with my wardrobe.  What I wear, from my boot choice to what dangles from my ears, matters.  

So a lot goes into what I choose to wear at a performance, award show, or TV appearance.  Contrary to what some people think, I do not have a stylist.  While on Season 4's The Voice, I did have some help with wardrobe.  A major perk of being a Top Finalist on the show is that the show has a whole hair/makeup/style team dedicated to making all of the contestants look their absolute best at all times.  It was pretty awesome, actually.  Imagine a closet as large as four bedrooms filled with clothing from what I would consider conservative everyday wear, to the more outlandish star-studded standout pieces.  I'm not gonna lie.  It was super fun!  It was also reassuring to have a second set of eyes or hands pulling pieces that an "expert" sees fitting for a performance or for me.  It was a short-lived luxury for this Waco, Texas born country girl.  (If anyone does this for a living and wants to volunteer their styling services, hit me up in an email or in comments below!)

However, for now, as an Independent Country Music Artist who hits the pavement running, everyday, chasing after her much loved passion and career, I pick out my own clothing.  Head to toe - Hair, makeup, and accessories, such as my jewelry.

Let's talk about jewelry.  This can be a tough one for me.  I pretty much love it all - the blingier the better!  I also love jewelry with meaning, hence the purity ring on my left finger you rarely see me go without.  I feel comfortable in more delicate jewelry such as small necklaces and stud earrings.  And, I get excited over big and bright statement pieces.  It is the latter that I am most drawn to for on-stage performances.  I also feel like it best compliments my brand as not only a Country Music Artist - but a Texas Country Music Artist.   Ya know, everything's bigger in Texas, y'all, right! 

Now, when I think Texas jewelry, one brand comes to mind - Kendra Scott.

If I were a betting girl, I would wager that most Texas females know and love the name Kendra Scott.  I assume several men know it well too and I imagine Kendra Scott has often come to the rescue for important celebrations, anniversaries, and pleas for forgiveness.  Kendra Scott is a name I associate with style, grace, boldness, femininity, and quality.  When I see that bright yellow box with the distinct Kendra Scott emblem and logo, I get goosebumps.  When my birthday month rolls along and I know I can shop Kendra Scott and get 50% off one item, a rush of anticipation and total internal giddiness takes over my body.  I call it the Kendra Scott high!  You might know it too.

I first became introduced to Kendra Scott, the jewelry, in college while at Baylor University.  I noticed so many friends and girls on campus accessorized in these beautifully delicate pendant necklaces and drop earrings.  Y'all, it was love at first sight.  For several months I admired these Kendra Scott pieces from afar, putting them atop any holiday or gift-giving list I might have secretly made.  Then, much to my surprise, a dear family friend, familiar with my affection for Kendra Scott, surprised me at a gig with the most beautiful earrings.  They gifted me the simply stunning Alex silver drop earrings in white.  They were, and are, still among one of my most cherished pieces of jewelry.  These earrings have since traveled far and wide with me - on stage and onto television news sets - to interviews and on red carpets.  I consider Kendra Scott a part of my signature style.

What is especially cool about Kendra Scott is the story behind her billion-dollar brand.  Many of us know Scott got her big start in Austin.  You might already know that her first big break came along in 2005 when her designs were chosen to accessorize Oscar de la Renta's Spring 2006 Runway Show.  A somewhat lesser known fact about this fashion designer, however, is that Kendra Scott actually started in a different kind of accessory - hats!  Inspired by a family member's battle with brain cancer, Scott opened her first business, The Hat Box, several years before launching her now famous jewelry line, helping to dress women going through chemotherapy.  Kendra Scott has always been involved with charity and giving back to her community which I find tremendously uplifting and inspirational.  

That is why I am beyond honored and thrilled to have recently partnered with Kendra Scott, San Antonio.  The Alamo City shops, hearing about my passion for wearing Kendra Scott designs, offered to dress me in my favorite jewelry designer's brand. So, earlier this the summer I met a Kendra Scott representative in the Quarry Village Shops.  If you have yet to visit this particular shop, I highly recommend it.  The shop sits nestled among a variety of fun shops and unique eateries.  The layout of this particular Kendra Scott boutique is really cool.  The stones and shine from the gold, silver, and rose gold pieces are illuminated by the all glass windows and ornate glass drawers.  When I walked in, I honestly felt like a kid in her favorite candy shop.  I wasn't sure where to go first because I wanted to see it all!  Fortunately, for me, Blair, my new Kendra Scott "bff" as I like to think of her, helped direct me to pieces of the current Kendra Scott Summer Collection that she thought would be particularly fun for me to wear on stage.  Knowing I have a summer filled with festivals and outdoor performances, I wanted something fun.  Something perhaps bright.  And big.  I wanted pieces that could be versatile and able to be seen on stage and through my hair extensions.  (Why, yes, I do wear hair extensions sometimes!)

FullSizeRender 3.jpg

After looking at several stunning pieces, I ultimately went with the Kendra Scott Denise Gold Statement Earrings In Red Mother Of Pearl.  I was very close to choosing the lavender earrings!  I just loved them both! But ultimately, I decided that the Red Mother Of Pearl would better compliment several of my favorite outfits that I planned to wear on stage this summer.  Blair also styled me with the most beautiful Diane Silver Statement Earrings in Abalone Shell. 


These.  Just these.  I have found these earrings to both dress up and down a particular outfit.  They are both elegant and eye-catching.  My favorite look is to wear these with a simple black dress or top.  

In addition to having been gifted three dazzling pieces for personal and professional wear, this San Antonio shop also offered to gift me with a striking piece that I get to giveaway, possibly to you!


One of the summer's most popular pieces is the impressive Betsy Adjustable Fringe Pendant Necklace in Aqua Howlite.  This blue, y'all is one of my favorite colors to accessorize with!  I think it screams Texas, Fiesta, beach-bound and more! It is a $150 value and I am going to give this fun statement piece away, online!  To be entered into the drawing for this Betsy Adjustable Fringe Pendant Necklace, go to the home page of my website and enter your email in the pop-up window to sign up for my newsletter - that easy!  Those who have previously signed up will also be entered to win the piece. I will be announcing the winner in two weeks via email on Monday, July 9th! (Good Luck!) 

So, on this warm day in San Antonio, at the Quarry Village Kendra Scott store, my heart was on fire and full.  I was both touched and honored to be styled by these passionate and knowledgable Kendra Scott brand ambassadors.  And they were just the cutest things too. It was almost as if these sweet and stylish women and I,  along with my publicist, had coordinated our clothing for a fun photo opportunity together.   

FullSizeRender copy.jpg

Each time I now wear one of my new or beloved Kendra Scott pieces, I am reminded of my  whirlwind day of accessorizing with everything Kendra Scott in San Antonio.  I am grateful for the opportunity and inspired by the woman behind the beautiful designs.  Talented, compassionate, and hard-working, Kendra Scott turned $500 worth of jewelry designs into a dazzling empire of inspiration.    

~ Proverbs 31:25

"She is clothed in strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future."