#MartinGoesToHarvey Needs Your Help

I'm going to be very straight forward.  I need your help.

I know!  I have asked for help from my always-thoughtful fans and friends before.  Often. 

And, I thank you with my entire being for always answering my calls for support, whether it is to listen to a new song of mine, nominate/vote for an award, watch my cover videos on YouTube, add me to your Spotify list (have you done this yet, btw?), or, to come out and catch one of my shows.

Man, I ask a lot of y'all.

But here's the thing.  I wouldn't ask something of you that I was not passionate about.  By now, you know my heart.  You know me.  So you know that I have trouble turning a blind eye to those in need, especially if there is something I might be able to do to help.  Something we can do to help.

Today, I'm passionately asking you to buy one raffle ticket for the #MartinGoesToHarvey campaign where proceeds go towards helping our neighbors along the Texas Coast who are still rebuilding after Hurricane Harvey ripped through their seemingly normal lives, last fall.   

I realize that our neighbors are no longer the top story on our social news feeds and the images of them trying to piece back together their businesses and homes no longer grace the covers of newspapers in cities like Waco, San Antonio, or Dallas.  

But guess what.  They still need us.  I saw their need first-hand, last week.  I had the opportunity to walk through an area in North Texas, hard hit by Harvey's floodwaters.  When I saw the boards that have yet to go up, the drywall ready to be installed, the community that is still out there working toward a common goal, I could feel their pain of yesterday, strength of today, and hope for tomorrow.  It was like this ironic beauty beyond the ruin.  These Texans are strong.  They'll be even stronger.  

You can help these communities so important to Texas - so important to us - by buying one raffle ticket.  One ticket is ten dollars.   Imagine if nearly every person I know or engage with on social media were to purchase one raffle ticket.  Wow.  

Your ten dollar ticket enters you into a drawing for this beautiful Martin guitar valued at over $1500.  It is signed by over 25 Texas country music artists which increases its value ten-fold.  This beautiful instrument and now piece of history has been in my hands for months now.  I carried this Martin with me for throughout my Steel Tour asking fellow artists to lend their signature and support towards this incredible cause.  I'm grateful to them for doing so.

But I also understand that to buy one raffle ticket is not something everyone can do.  I 100% get that.  Trust me.  I am a independent artist more often than not struggling to make ends meet.  So, in that case, I ask for your support in sharing this blog and #MartinGoesToHarvey campaign on your social media or by word of mouth.  Please.  And, thank you.  Very much.

I also want you to know the whole story behind Martin Goes To Harvey.  I want to answer each and every question you might have.  


So, here's how #MartinGoesToHarvey was born y'all.

👉🏼 Right after Hurricane Harvey hit Texas, my heart went out to those affected.  Like so many others, I wanted to help.  That's when (and I do not believe by coincidence) a Facebook friend messaged me saying that he had this brand new Martin guitar that he wanted to give to me with the intention of me autographing it, playing it live, and auctioning it off.

How cool is that?

I thought, why not take that idea even further!

At the time, I was on a really busy run of my #SteelTour where I was opening for and coming into contact with a lot of really big Texas artists.  Perfect timing, right?  So, everywhere I went so did the Martin. Now, the guitar has over 25 major autographs!


 Who all has autographed the guitar?

👉🏼 Restless Heart, Mo Pitney, Koe Wetzel, Parker McCollum, Kevin Fowler, Zane Williams, Josh Ward, Ted Nugent, Chad Prather, “Cowboy Bill” Martin,  Doug Supernaw, Bryan White, Roger Creager, Jack Ingram, Sam Riggs, Brandon Rhyder, Bri Bagwell, Adrian Johnston, Kimberly Dunn, Kaitlin Butts, Kensie Coppin, Ray Johnston Band, Jordan Lee and The Revelry, The Gibbonses, Brian Chance Band, Justin Todd Herod, Cody Wayne Band, Darrin Morris Band, Freddie Pate, Kevin Jackson Music, Derek Anthony, Jamie Talbert, and more to come...


 How much is a raffle ticket?

👉🏼 ONLY $10! 

How much is the guitar worth?

👉🏼 It has been valued at over $1500 on its own.

Where does the money go?

👉🏼 I have partnered with the Bowen Family Foundation to collect the funds through the online raffle. 100% of the money raised will go to the Rebuild Texas Fund, which also gives 100% of its money as an organization directly to areas STILL affected by Hurricane Harvey and needing help.

When is the deadline to buy tickets?

👉🏼JAN 31 at midnight when the winner of the guitar is randomly drawn! 

My dear friends, my CALL TO ACTION is simple: Donate today by buying a raffle ticket.  Together, we can show our neighbors - those families and businesses in Houston, Corpus, Port Aransas and more, that we haven't forgotten. 

Buy raffle ticket(s) HERE:

Thank you. #TexasStrong

Forever Grateful, 

Holly XO