It’s a Holly Jolly Christmas (and Birthday): Pros & Cons Of Being A December Baby

See that beautiful woman right there? That’s my mama.  And that little baby in the stocking?  That's me, Holly Danielle, 25 years ago.  I entered this world on December 22, 1992, at exactly 8:12 PM.  I had a head full of dark hair and weighed 7 pounds, 4oz.  Born on December 22, I was officially deemed a Christmas baby and have held that oh-so-merry distinction ever since. 

This photo here even certified it.  Kinda, unofficially.  

On this particular day this photo was taken, my mom was to be released from the hospital.  It was Christmas Eve.  A photographer named Rod Adelotte just so happen to be at Hillcrest hospital that pre-Christmas night.  It was his job to capture a photo of the first Christmas baby of the season.  As my dad wheeled my mom with me in her arms toward the hospital's exit to bring us home, Adelotte stopped us.  He asked if he could wrap me up in a stocking and take a few pictures.  He never told us what the pictures were for.  And this is pre-Facebook time, y'all, so I guess my parents didn't even bother to ask where the photos might be used!  Much to my parents surprise, when they went to read the Waco Tribune Herald on Christmas morning, there was my baby mug sleepily starring back at them, smack dab on the front page of the newspaper!  My parents were delighted and it is a story they love to retell every.single.December.22.  I was their Holly Jolly Christmas gift.  

But whether being born so close to Christmas is truly jolly for the birthday boy or girl is a whole other debate.  C'mon.  If you're a December baby, you know what I'm talking about.  To be born in December, some day, is a blessing.  We get named things like Holly (hello) or Jesus or Kris (as in Kris Kringle) or Peppermint even.  Maybe.  Ya know, Peppermint Patty and all.  



The debate is age-old.  Some say being a Christmas baby is a curse .  And that December babies sometimes get slighted during the holidays because there’s a lot of celebration that happens all at once. Their gifts get all rolled into one because they “double as birthday and Christmas presents” .  Or, on the other hand, some people say Christmas babies get MORE gifts and celebration because parents try to overcompensate. They perhaps feel guilty in a way that their child's birthday falls so close to Christmas and such a long long time passes between each big gift-giving time of year.

Personally, I’ve been blessed that my parents have always been really great about separating my birthday and Christmas.  They have worked very hard at making each day and me feel special.  (If you don't already know or can't already tell I have a ton of respect for my parents and love them to the moon and back).  There is no question that both my Mom and Dad have always spoiled me with as much love and attention as they had in them to give. (Just ask my two older brothers - they may elaborate on the "spoiled" part as siblings so often do).  For that, I could not be more grateful.

As far as the whole presents thing goes , and I feel a little funny or selfish putting it out there, but I'm gonna anyway.  I would bet the majority of December babies would prefer that their birthdays be separate from Christmas or Holiday celebrations.  I always have.  I get it.  Sometimes, when there's something "big", gift-givers decide to do the birthday - holiday combo.  And that's lovely.  It is.  But it isn't too.  I don't know.  I usually prefer separate gifts and separate celebrations should time allow for that.  I find it really special when I see a family member or friend understand that and take the time to go out of his or her way to remember my birthday knowing it happens during such a hectic time of year.  

But I also think there's something to be said about how special it can be to be a Christmas baby.  Especially when you feel as I do about the true meaning of Christmas.  It is such a beautiful time that fills me with such love and peace as I'm reminded of Christ's birth and place in our lives.  I'm almost always in a really great mood the entire month of December and I go all-out with the more commercial side of Christmas - Decorations, singing Christmas Carols (Check out my original Christmas song, "All About A Baby" here), and stringing lights.  I promise you, I would string lights everywhere - my car, my band's trailer, my bedroom, my home's exterior, anywhere and everywhere if I had the time and know-how!  

Light.  Bright.  And Merry.  

Pretty cool, right?  It's pretty hard to be in a bad mood when December rolls around, especially if your name is Holly. And, you are an unofficial or official Christmas baby.

So weigh in! I really want to know what you think!  December babies - - talk to me!  Let me know what you think: What are the pros and cons of being a Christmas baby? Yea or Nay? Curse or Blessing? (of course we're all Blessings but ya know what I mean) 

I can't wait to read your comments and respond!  In the meantime, from all of us at Holly Tucker music, may you have a Blessed and beautiful Christmas.  Oh yea.  One more thing.  If you feel so inclined and want to give me a little gift, download my current single Dallas On Your Boots here, share this blog post by clicking the share button below, and, subscribe so that you get all my blogs, special offers, tour locations & more in 2018!

Merry Christmas & Love xo