New Blog | New Year: What you Will and Won't See Me Doing In 2017


I can still remember the moment I stepped out onto that big The Voice stage for the first time.   It’s funny how difficult it can be now, some four years later, to remember exactly what I may have been thinking at that single blind audition.  I remember looking beyond the stage out into the audience.  The stage lights were so bright.   Curious eyes glistened like jewels in front of me. It was quiet except for the beating of my heart, which I was sure the microphones would pick up and reveal. 

I inhaled.  

I closed my eyes for a moment.

I thought to myself, "Okay, you’ve got this Holly." 

I kept a daily journal of my The Voice experience!

I kept a daily journal of my The Voice experience!


After all,  I had practiced for months for this moment.  I was prepared, and, I had said my prayers.  Many, many prayers. Yeah, Jesus and I had had some serious conversations about The Voice.  

Only seconds into "To Make Your Feel My Love" I saw that first chair turn.  A chair was turning around for me.  For me!   Inwardly, I jumped up and down.  Now, imagine how hard it was to maintain composure.  However, as a singer, where any slight loss of focus or feeling can throw off your tempo or key, I knew I had to remain calm.  

From the very beginning on The Voice Blinds, producers told those auditioning that a "4-chair turn" is great, but, one is all you need. I had made it. Then, as I kept singing, another chair turned. Adam Levine, with his cute squinty eyes was now looking at me.  Then another chair turned.  And another.  Finally, a fourth chair turned - Blake Shelton.  This was a man and artist for whom I was a big fan.  Huge fan.  I was a Blake Shelton fan since his long-haired mullet and “Austin” days.  

My dreams were literally coming true right before my eyes.


Today, looking back, as a now independent artist - always a singer, but now a true, defined artist—and Baylor University graduate, I can’t imagine being any more humbled and grateful for the opportunities I’ve had. Since that The Voice debut now four years ago I’ve gotten to open for some of my biggest musical heroes -  Willie Nelson, Neal McCoy, Tracy Byrd, and Linda Davis.  I’m hearing songs I’ve co-written being played on the radio and watching them climb the Texas music charts. I’m getting to give back to my community by taking on a new role as the spokeswoman for The Community Cancer Association in Waco.  I’ve got a hot album out called "Steel".  And I have a single ("You’re In Texas") climbing the Texas Radio chart ever closer to the Top 35.  As if that’s not already a ton of new, exhilarating stuff, my latest and greatest news to share is that my first ever tour, the Steel Tour, kicks off March 1 with dates in Forth Worth, Lindale and College Station.

A Tour.


That’s a heck of a lot of new.  New music, new people, and new cities.  New chances to be taken and new opportunities to be had.  New mountains to climb.

Welcome to Holly’s {Voice}.  My official blog.  This is where I can bare my soul in the most simplest of ways to you.  As I think about it, it’s not too different from what I do through my music.  I also want to use this platform as a place where I can go into deeper detail over lyrics I may be pondering or perhaps introduce you to artists new and old who never cease to amaze, enlighten, or even mystify me.  I hope to talk a little about life as a female independent artist sharing information and updates on Holly Tucker music.  And I will get personal, letting you in on my life outside of work as a country recording artist.  

10 Things You’ll See Me Doing In 2017

  • STEEL Tour (Every weekend March-December 2017)
  • Perform with top Texas Artists (Cody Johnson, Aaron Watson, Randy Rogers, Josh Abbott, Granger Smith, etc.)
  • Perform in iconic Texas venues (Gruene Hall, Billy Bob’s Texas, Love & War, House Of Blues, Cowboys Dancehall, Midnight Rodeo, etc)
  • Sing background vocals for other artists in the recording studio
  • Release a new music video
  • Road trip to Nashville for writing new material and connecting with industry experts 
  • Add another pair of iconic custom made boots to my stage ensemble
  • Eat right and work out [a lot] to be healthy, and, to be the best possible version of myself (and, let’s be honest, to look hot on stage)
  • Post silly Snapchat videos on social media (and let’s be honest, to embarrass myself a little)


My boots!  I became known for my beautiful boots on The Voice.  Designer, 


What You Won’t See Me Doing in 2017

  • Buy a pet monkey (They don’t tour well)
  • Open a Tinder account (Unless you can convince me otherwise)
  • Skydive (I have an extreme fear of heights)
  • Chop off my locks (My hair grows extremely s-l-o-w)

If you have ever attended one of my shows (and if you haven’t, well, I certainly suggest you check out my Steel Tour), you know that I close every single set I do, whenever possible, with How Great Thou Art.  It was when I sang that song on The Voice that I knew without a doubt I was doing exactly what God intends me to do with my life.  To know me is to know that I have deep faith.  I have a deep and meaningful faith in people, in humanity, and, in God.  As such, I cannot close my first official blog without giving props to Him.   I’m continuously amazed by the fact that God has placed so many new and incredible people in my life and on my musical team in this new year.  

New is good.  It is very very good.

XOXO, Holly