It’s a Holly Jolly Christmas (and Birthday): Pros & Cons Of Being A December Baby

Oh What Fun ... to be a December baby!  Or not?  It's an age-old debate whether being a Christmas or December baby is all that it's cracked up to be!  Not only am I a Texas Country Music Artist, I am also an official December baby.  I even had my first baby photo make the front of the newspaper in 1992.  I have fun digging into the Pros and Cons Of Being A December Baby on my blog!

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Behind the Scenes: Dallas On Your Boots Music Video

Well, here it is! Now you've seen "Dallas On Your Boots"--maybe a couple of times! If not, that's okay, just click here and give it a view or two and a share! (Thank you, in advance.  Sharing my blog and social media posts means the world to independent artists like me!) If you're reading this I know you have questions about me and my music.  Let's see if I can answer some of those ... 


 Q: How did Dallas On Your Boots end up as a song on the Steel album?

A: This song has been special from the very beginning. It was penned by some very talented Nashville writers: Lucie Silvas, Caitlyn Smith, and Jay DeMarcus of Rascal Flatts. My producer, Sean Neff, pitched me the song in our initial consideration process, thinking that the subject matter would be very relatable to others and perfect for my voice. He was right! I listened to it and it really grew on me.  I mean, really, who hasn't been a "Dallas" at some point in their love life.  Or, maybe you've had one too many Dallas on your own boots.  Hmmmm.  

Dallas On Your Boots is my third single released to Texas Country radio from the Steel album.


Q:  What does "Dallas On Your Boots" actually mean?

A:  In the context of the song, you'll find that Dallas does not literally mean the city itself. "Dallas" is really about baggage.  You know, the stuff from a past relationship that one just can't shake.  You know, when you believe you've moved on and there is someone you really like - you want to like - but that person from the past just keeps coming out from the dark.  The shadows.  The past.  

Who's been there?  

In the video Dallas On Your Boots we see a girl who exists only in the past of the guy who is trying to love her.   But because of that memory, the couple is likely doomed from the beginning.  In the video, my character senses that this guy - a guy she really wants to like - didn't get closure from his past relationship.  She desperately wants to be with him, but the other girl - his past - remains in the way.   He hasn't shaken the "Dallas" off of his boots.  My character isn't sure she can wait around for him until he does.  

Pretty powerful, isn't it.  Relatable.  Anyone been there? (Let me know in the comments!)


Q: In the video, which girl do you play, the "Dallas", or the "new"?

A: When we first shot Dallas On Your Boots, I played both roles.  This was done on purpose so as to leave it up to the viewers' imagination.

Personally, I relate more with the girl who is so obviously right for him.  The "new".  Maybe because I've experienced that situation.  (Hmmm more on that, perhaps for another more juicy blog).


Q: How did you like shooting the music video which requires a little, ahem, acting?

A: Music videos are always a different experience! So much is dependent upon the song! Zack Morris and Evan Kaufmann co-produced and shot Dallas On Your Boots the video in one day. FUN FACT: we shot it in Austin on 6th street, not somewhere in Dallas like you might expect.  It was fun, but serious work too. The subject matter of the song calls for a vibe of attitude and power.  I did my best as a singer/songwriter not actor to channel that.  (How'd I do? LMK in the comments please!)  But, I also had to play the other role, the "Dallas".   In doing such, I got to be a little more lighthearted with my love interest where you see him reflecting on memories of our past.  That was fun.  I found it much easier to play a light-hearted and smiling character which probably reveals more about me, Holly, than you might think.


Q: Speaking of the GUY, who is this cutie?


A: Our Dallas On Your Boots "guy" is Charles Conoly! He's a really talented actor working out of Austin and now LA. As you can probably imagine, it can be awkward trying to act like you're in love with someone you literally just met!  (Thought, um, look at him - maybe not that difficult), ha.  Charles made me feel comfortable.  He encouraged me.  He coached me.   I tried to not overthink it and just have fun.  Our on-camera chemistry came across exactly how we wanted.  FUN FACT: When it came time for me to switch roles, there was a part where my character, the "new girl",  had to kinda push her guy away.   Charles' character got this look on his face that was perfectly heartbroken.  Charles nailed it. 


Q:  Who styled you, especially those sparkly boots you're wearing?


 A:  My clothes are from Macy's, Charlotte Russe, and H&M. Jewelry is from Charming Charlie. Hair and makeup done by Mischa Fruge. My boots are designed by Jacqi Bling in Sweetwater, TX, an amazing artist whom I have been blessed to have a partnership with since my days on The Voice. The boots story in great detail... is to be continued on my next blog... 

So there you have it!

I have been waiting and waiting and waiting to share Dallas On Your Boots the video with you since May.  Have you ever bought a gift for someone months ahead of time because you feel it is "the perfect gift" and that excitement is so difficult to conceal?  That's exactly how I have felt about Dallas On Your Boots the video.   I am over the moon to finally be able to share it with you.  

Now my question for you: What do YOU think of Dallas On Your Boots the video? 

Please hit that cute little share button right below and let me know your thoughts - every single last one - in the comments below!  

XOXO, Holly

Let's Talk About Streaming and Why You Should Just Do It

We all know that the way we listen to music is ever growing and changing with time and new inventions. 

Not sure?  Well, let's go back.  Way back.  Who remembers listening to 8-tracks in their vehicle?  At 24 years old, I don't, of course.  But I do remember hearing about them from my parents, especially how large they were!  If you were born in the late seventies or were an 80's kid, you are all too familiar with records and that always nervous feeling of dropping the needle on the record and leaving a forever scratch!  Or, perhaps when I write the words mix tape or sony walkman that's more your love language of music.  For me, it was all about CD's growing up.  

My CD collection! There's just something about thumbing through a collection of my favorite artists that I can see and touch!

My CD collection! There's just something about thumbing through a collection of my favorite artists that I can see and touch!

Perhaps that's why I still have this affection for them.  I also know that as an artist, having fans purchase your CD is not only one of the greatest compliments, but is one of the better ways we (as up and coming, independent, or heck, starving artists) get paid.  (Click here to purchase your own autographed Holly Tucker CD!)  

Today, however, we are seeing and many of us, using, a whole new medium for listening to music - streaming.  Think of streaming as a "celestial jukebox".  (I love that term as mentioned here!)

What is music streaming? In a nutshell streaming audio means getting your music from the internet which you can listen to on your computer, phone, or other web-based devices such as a smart TV.   Some streaming services are free to a degree, such as Spotify, where you are subjected to listening to advertisements sprinkled between tracks.  Streaming services such as Apple Music offer subscriptions for a fee of around ten dollars a month.  If you're a student, Apple Music actually offers an Apple Music Student Membership for a discounted price!  Spotify and Apple Music are by far two of the most popular streaming services.  I found this article for you that compares the two to help you decide which is right for you.  But interestingly enough, there are actually at least 11 subscription music services available around the world!  Read more about them, here.  

I have to admit, I've become a big fan of music streaming in recent months.  Mostly because, as a music fan myself,  I get to create the playlist of my choice and change it often.  For free! (I don't mind the advertisements sprinkled in between songs).  I cannot begin to explain how much I love my Spotify play lists.  I listen to it while I'm working (like writing this blog) and updating my social media.  I listen to my Spotify playlist during my gym workouts, and, I listen to my Spotify playlists while I'm cooking and doing my weekly meal prepping in my home.  As an artist, it is crucial for me to stay atop of the latest music trends.  And this is one of them.  In fact, you can find me, Holly Tucker, and my music on both Spotify and Apple Music!  

Look! Here I am on Spotify Music! Underneath my name it says FOLLOWING.  I'm asking all my #Hollstars, friends, family, fans, heck - even strangers - to download Spotify, find me, and follow me!  Gracias!

Look! Here I am on Spotify Music! Underneath my name it says FOLLOWING.  I'm asking all my #Hollstars, friends, family, fans, heck - even strangers - to download Spotify, find me, and follow me!  Gracias!

In fact, I will be debuting my next single release on Spotify and Apple Music. This is huge!  This is exciting!

As I mention that I am on both Spotify and Apple Music,  I need you to do something for me.  Yes, right now.  I promise it will only take a second.  As you read this, open another window on your computer/phone/device.  Or, save this blog (and come back to it) but click on over to Spotify, download the app, and then follow the "Holly Tucker" artist page.  When you do so, it will show a "following" circle under my name and picture to show that you're following me.  This is huge. This is so important to my growth as an artist.  

Why? Well, I'm going to let you in on a little secret.  A little behind-the-scenes music industry stuff.

When venues go to book me, or, when other artists look me up to consider asking me to tour with them or open for them, they are looking at how many followers I have on Spotify.  I know.  Talk about pressure, right?  Industry experts and those who have control over my future and gigs and labels consider how often an artist's music is added to playlists, or basically, streamed.  That's a whole lotta information that, I know, may not interest you. However, I share this with you so that you know that something as simple as following an artist on social media or streaming service sites is important. Super, super important.  People are always watching and forming opinions on that artist based on such social sharing or music streaming-based numbers! 

To clue you in even more on how we, as artists make a living: Artists make what they do from several sources: Music sales (digital and physical), merchandise sales, royalties, sponsorships, and live gigs. The main objective is to get the music out there to as many people as possible, and the way to do that is through radio and live gigs. Nowadays, with social media tools and these streaming sites like Spotify and Apple Music, however, it's easier than ever to get our music out there. Therefore, if an artist is an independent artist (unsigned to a record label), venue owners place a high value on these artists' social media following and number of streams on streaming sites like Pandora, Apple Music, and Spotify. To them, these numbers are the benchmark for how well an artist is expected to do with ticket and food/alcohol sales.

So basically, no high numbers = no gigs.

No gigs = no fans.

No fans = no high numbers. 

When it comes down to it, the music industry is like any other industry, a business.  Athletes go into sports and professional sports because first and foremost, they love what they do and love playing, I assume.  But their performance is always being judged, rated, and followed.  The music industry is no different.  So to win at it - and I define winning as being my best and happiest sharing my music - we, as artists have to play by the rules of the industry.  As artists, we are subjected to guidelines established by people, places, and things way out of our control.  

But guess what?

All this talk about streaming music does not mean you have to break up with your current way of listening to your favorite music.  In fact, I implore you not to.  I will still be releasing my next single on radio.  I will still be selling CDs.  In fact, I hope my next single release will climb even higher on the charts (y'all have to call or email your regional radio stations you know to request to hear more Holly Tucker!) and that more of you will want to have my CD based on what you discover by streaming your music.  Streaming just gives us all one more option to allow us to fill our environment - wherever that may be - with music.  Music all the time.  Music everywhere.  That's music to my ears.

When it is all said and done, whether you get your music by listening to the mainstream and regional radio, streaming and creating playlists of Spotify, listening to satellite radio, or, by thumbing through your most proud collection of CDs, what matters most is that you're listening.  You are opening your heart, mind, and soul to the sounds created by talented and passionate musical artists.  Despite how fast technology and industries change, that is something that I hope and believe will forever remain constant. 





New Blog | New Year: What you Will and Won't See Me Doing In 2017


I can still remember the moment I stepped out onto that big The Voice stage for the first time.   It’s funny how difficult it can be now, some four years later, to remember exactly what I may have been thinking at that single blind audition.  I remember looking beyond the stage out into the audience.  The stage lights were so bright.   Curious eyes glistened like jewels in front of me. It was quiet except for the beating of my heart, which I was sure the microphones would pick up and reveal. 

I inhaled.  

I closed my eyes for a moment.

I thought to myself, "Okay, you’ve got this Holly." 

I kept a daily journal of my The Voice experience!

I kept a daily journal of my The Voice experience!


After all,  I had practiced for months for this moment.  I was prepared, and, I had said my prayers.  Many, many prayers. Yeah, Jesus and I had had some serious conversations about The Voice.  

Only seconds into "To Make Your Feel My Love" I saw that first chair turn.  A chair was turning around for me.  For me!   Inwardly, I jumped up and down.  Now, imagine how hard it was to maintain composure.  However, as a singer, where any slight loss of focus or feeling can throw off your tempo or key, I knew I had to remain calm.  

From the very beginning on The Voice Blinds, producers told those auditioning that a "4-chair turn" is great, but, one is all you need. I had made it. Then, as I kept singing, another chair turned. Adam Levine, with his cute squinty eyes was now looking at me.  Then another chair turned.  And another.  Finally, a fourth chair turned - Blake Shelton.  This was a man and artist for whom I was a big fan.  Huge fan.  I was a Blake Shelton fan since his long-haired mullet and “Austin” days.  

My dreams were literally coming true right before my eyes.


Today, looking back, as a now independent artist - always a singer, but now a true, defined artist—and Baylor University graduate, I can’t imagine being any more humbled and grateful for the opportunities I’ve had. Since that The Voice debut now four years ago I’ve gotten to open for some of my biggest musical heroes -  Willie Nelson, Neal McCoy, Tracy Byrd, and Linda Davis.  I’m hearing songs I’ve co-written being played on the radio and watching them climb the Texas music charts. I’m getting to give back to my community by taking on a new role as the spokeswoman for The Community Cancer Association in Waco.  I’ve got a hot album out called "Steel".  And I have a single ("You’re In Texas") climbing the Texas Radio chart ever closer to the Top 35.  As if that’s not already a ton of new, exhilarating stuff, my latest and greatest news to share is that my first ever tour, the Steel Tour, kicks off March 1 with dates in Forth Worth, Lindale and College Station.

A Tour.


That’s a heck of a lot of new.  New music, new people, and new cities.  New chances to be taken and new opportunities to be had.  New mountains to climb.

Welcome to Holly’s {Voice}.  My official blog.  This is where I can bare my soul in the most simplest of ways to you.  As I think about it, it’s not too different from what I do through my music.  I also want to use this platform as a place where I can go into deeper detail over lyrics I may be pondering or perhaps introduce you to artists new and old who never cease to amaze, enlighten, or even mystify me.  I hope to talk a little about life as a female independent artist sharing information and updates on Holly Tucker music.  And I will get personal, letting you in on my life outside of work as a country recording artist.  

10 Things You’ll See Me Doing In 2017

  • STEEL Tour (Every weekend March-December 2017)
  • Perform with top Texas Artists (Cody Johnson, Aaron Watson, Randy Rogers, Josh Abbott, Granger Smith, etc.)
  • Perform in iconic Texas venues (Gruene Hall, Billy Bob’s Texas, Love & War, House Of Blues, Cowboys Dancehall, Midnight Rodeo, etc)
  • Sing background vocals for other artists in the recording studio
  • Release a new music video
  • Road trip to Nashville for writing new material and connecting with industry experts 
  • Add another pair of iconic custom made boots to my stage ensemble
  • Eat right and work out [a lot] to be healthy, and, to be the best possible version of myself (and, let’s be honest, to look hot on stage)
  • Post silly Snapchat videos on social media (and let’s be honest, to embarrass myself a little)


My boots!  I became known for my beautiful boots on The Voice.  Designer, 


What You Won’t See Me Doing in 2017

  • Buy a pet monkey (They don’t tour well)
  • Open a Tinder account (Unless you can convince me otherwise)
  • Skydive (I have an extreme fear of heights)
  • Chop off my locks (My hair grows extremely s-l-o-w)

If you have ever attended one of my shows (and if you haven’t, well, I certainly suggest you check out my Steel Tour), you know that I close every single set I do, whenever possible, with How Great Thou Art.  It was when I sang that song on The Voice that I knew without a doubt I was doing exactly what God intends me to do with my life.  To know me is to know that I have deep faith.  I have a deep and meaningful faith in people, in humanity, and, in God.  As such, I cannot close my first official blog without giving props to Him.   I’m continuously amazed by the fact that God has placed so many new and incredible people in my life and on my musical team in this new year.  

New is good.  It is very very good.

XOXO, Holly